Doug Pitassi Short Wiki

Doug Pitassi is the current president of a company that is driven to address the broad range of needs of various businesses in regards to printing and copying. The name of Pitassi’s business is called Pacific Office Automation and has been in business for the past 20 years. in 1997, Pitassi joined Pacific Automation and is still with the company to this day. At Pacific Automation, Doug fulfills his responsibilities as the company’s president but also takes on serving in multiple roles as well.

As time goes on, business must grow and change to adapt and Pitassi has grown with his company. In his latest interview, Pitassi has said the experience he had gained through his time at Pacific Office Automation has been indispensable due to Pitassi having countless opportunity to practice with different techniques with the goal of encouraging growth and helping the company operate as efficiently as possible. Doug has also done an incredible job making sure that the company is able to compete with the best products available on the market today for helping companies in functioning as productively as possible.