The Best of Wikipedia Is Made Better With New App

There is a lot to like about Wikipedia. The site provides thorough information on an incredibly vast array of topics, and it is very easy to become lost on the site as one article leads to a piqued interest in another article on a related topic. While the most obvious drawback to the site is the fact that the information is not always completely reliable, Wikipedia remains one of the most popular sources of information on the Internet.

Visitors like Adam Kutner value the information they find on Wikipedia, but it is quite obvious that the site design leaves something to be desired. A new app called Wikiwand aims to change this, as it is able to function in such a way that it essentially gives the site an update that yields an improved user experience.

Among the many features that the app boasts is a function that improves the search capabilities of Wikipedia on mobile devices. The best of Wikipedia is therefore easily searched and accessed at a moment’s notice from virtually any location. The app also promises improved navigation and an aesthetically pleasing design, and the fact that it is free is certainly a major benefit for users.