Day: May 11, 2015

Wikipedia Wonders

I wonder what Wikipedia will look like in the future?   Will these adaptive definitions be implanted into our brains.  Will we learn by secure internet connections?  The future is very bright.  If we have access to all information known to man will we still be human or machine.  Will the machine take over our humanity.  I think there will be some lines crossed as we mold the future and those mistakes might be out of […]

Wikipedia is Cool

Best of Wikipedia is that it has even the most obscure subjects explored in depth.  If you need to understand something that a conventional dictionary misses then Wikipedia is the place to look.  Wikipedia is a good example of the value of the internet.  Many of the definitions have resulted from a collaboration of experts.  The resulting information is the most current and inclusive data to date.  This site is very educational.  If we let […]