New Wikipedia Applications Makes Relevant Information Easily Accessible

One of the great things about Wikipedia is the collection of related subjects that can be stumbled upon after accessing a page concerning a similar topic. These related links from one Wikipedia page to another makes the site all the more useful, as one page often leads to a host of information that may not have otherwise been explored. With the advent of a new application called WikiLinks 3, this method of exploration and discovery is much more intuitive and makes it easier for users to engage in even deeper subject analysis.

This new application displays the subject that has been searched for in the center, and there are offshoots from the main subject to other related subjects that have offshoots of their own. This method is in the style of a web graphic organizer that arranges concepts and categories according to how one relates to the other, with the original subject situated in the center, or home, of the graphic web. The WikiLinks application makes it quite simple for users to quickly see how each subject is interrelated and to access the data they are looking for in an efficient and intelligent manner.

When users search for information on funding, the WikiLinks application will turn up a web that includes information on funding itself along with offshoots for venture capitalism, lending and other related subjects and concepts. With so much information available through Wikipedia, this application enhances accessibility and encourages deeper research among users of the online encyclopedia.