Enhanced Security Now a Part of Wikipedia’s Web Services

Users of Wikipedia will be pleased to learn that the site has finally adopted more enhanced security features that include the default use of the “HTTPS.” The process for finally implementing this relatively standard security feature has been a lengthy one, though this is understandable given the size and scope of Wikipedia’s readership. Even the slightest change can affect a significant number of users across the world, so the lengthy process was necessary to ensure that access to the site was not limited by the changes.

Wikipedia users pushed this change, noting that the lack of a secure connection could mean that surveillance could be accomplished rather easily. Since surveillance of any kind is a threat to freedom, intellectual or otherwise, the secure connection makes Wikipedia as difficult to access as bank information or the site of HFC. This is an important development for Wikipedia as it continues to establish its legitimacy as an online resource. Most are aware of the site’s reputation for containing information that is not properly sourced or verified, and the online encyclopedia has gone to great lengths to change this perception.

In addition to the changes to security, Wikipedia has adopted stringent editing policies to ensure that the information included in its pages is the most accurate and is properly source from reputable publications. These changes are sure to enhance Wikipedia’s standing as an informational resource, but there is still a great deal of work to be done before the academic community will allow Wikipedia to be used as a primary source of information.