What Exactly is An Animal Sanctuary?

The Home for Life Animal Sanctuary is an institution where animals of all sorts, especially those unwanted by means of disability and medical conditions, are brought to live and be protected in the safe haven for the remainder of their days. Animal sanctuaries aren’t like animal shelters, because sanctuaries do not seek to find homes for the animals to live, but rather the sanctuary takes care of each animal until their natural death.

It is possible, however, that an animal sanctuary will have some traits of both a sanctuary and an animal shelter, but that isn’t the case for the Home for Life Animal Sanctuary. HFL is an example of such a place, would be where a few of the animals may be in residency for a short while until a good place for the animal to live is recovered and some others may be everlasting inhabitants. The majority of animal sanctuaries share the same mission which is broadly speaking, to be safe shelters, where the animals will be taken care of until death do them part of the sanctuary environment. Animals within the facility are not purchased or sold, traded, neither are they experimented on for animal testing.

What separates a sanctuary from other popular institutions is the belief that the resident animals have the highest priority. In a sanctuary, every action is shamed for any suggestion of human gain at the cost of non-human inhabitants. Animal sanctuaries hold fast to the behalf that the animals, and the health care provider of the animals work under the idea that all animals that inhabit the sanctuary as well as the humans are equal in value.

Sanctuaries are not available to the public because it’s not a zoo, it’s a safe haven for troubled animals. Allowing the public in the sanctuary is believed would be a placing the animals in a stressed state.

Although the main goal of Home for Life is to care for troubled animals until their natural death, sanctuaries across the globe share a common important mission aside from caring for the animals, which is educating the public and to change the way that humans treat animals.