Psychiatrist Dana Sibilsky Wiki

A psychiatrist is a physician or a doctor who is a professional in the field of psychiatry. This means that a psychiatrist studies and works with the identification and management of mental disorders. Psychiatrists, like most doctors, are doctors of medicine and must judge patients to find out whether or not if their patient’s indication of illness(es) are the outcome a physical illness. This means a psychiatrist works with a mixture of both physical and mental disabilities.

There are some psychiatrists who would rather work with children and so you may find some who do their best in helping people of certain age ranges, for example, people from ages 20-30. Dana Sibilsky is an example of a psychiatrist who will take and see anyone, regardless of their age and illness. There are many different types of psychiatric doctors, for example, if a doctor practices psychiatry in their workplace, they are referred to as an occupational psychiatrist in the USA.  As with the case of Dana Sibilsky, she could be considered an occupational psychiatrist now after starting her own business in the northern part of Georgia.