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the Worst of Wikipedia

Wikipedia can have problems.  Wikipedia is the most comprehensive collection of knowledge man has ever assembled, but some of did that knowledge  need to be collected?  I think too many topics are a wasted effort.  Wikipedia is polluted with worthless topics that have no business in a dictionary.  This is what happens when a dictionary is open to everyone to edit.  I think that the open nature of Wikipedia is the source of the good and bad parts.  I […]

Wikipedia the Dangers

Wikipedia is not always right.  The open nature of Wikipedia can lead to corruption.  If I want to skew the way my business is defined in Wikipedia I can submit many changes and push the definition the way I want.  Are you really seeing the right definition of someone else’s ideas.  I am not saying that the information is a lie but you should be aware that it is not the gospel.  If you want […]

Wikipedia Wonders

I wonder what Wikipedia will look like in the future?   Will these adaptive definitions be implanted into our brains.  Will we learn by secure internet connections?  The future is very bright.  If we have access to all information known to man will we still be human or machine.  Will the machine take over our humanity.  I think there will be some lines crossed as we mold the future and those mistakes might be out of […]

Wikipedia is Cool

Best of Wikipedia is that it has even the most obscure subjects explored in depth.  If you need to understand something that a conventional dictionary misses then Wikipedia is the place to look.  Wikipedia is a good example of the value of the internet.  Many of the definitions have resulted from a collaboration of experts.  The resulting information is the most current and inclusive data to date.  This site is very educational.  If we let […]

Wikipedia Is A Wealth Of Knowledge

Wikipedia is a wealth of knowledge.  From spelling to information about a words meaning.  To help broaden your vocabulary and help you become a more rounded and versed person.  Wikipedia is the quickest and easy way to have a full dictionary at hand always with your smart phone or computer at hand.  You can go to the library which are slowly disappearing as technology gets better and fast.  Books are becoming a lost thing also.  […]

Wikipedia Learn Online

Books are starting to become out of time. They have e- reader and computers that give us a multiple of information at the touch of a key these days.  Wikipedia learn online words and dictionary.  At the touch of a button you have the meaning and spelling of a word.  The only problem with a dictionary and Wikipedia you have to have an idea of how to spell the words that you mean to use.  […]

Wikipedia, is it Reliable?

Are you having problems with knowing what is what on your phone these days. Wikipedia is it reliable?  I have used it many times looking for the spelling of a word or the meaning or a word on this app or that app.  Wikipedia has been reliable so for me and it is easy to use on the way they have set up this dictionary service for learning . So who knows what is reliable in […]

At Last Wikipedia

The best thing about Wikipedia is the amount of information supplied for free.  The definitions can be altered as needed to stay current.  If you search a word,  Wikipedia will be one of your first choices on google.  The convenience of having the knowledge of the world at your laptop is amazing.  Just take a minute and remember what it was like to have to look up a word in the dictionary, if you had on.  […]

Wiki anything

Look here for the best of Wikipedia said Luigi Wewege.  In this day of instant knowledge Wikipedia has become an essential.   How many arguments has Wikipedia settled…millions upon millions.  The worlds knowledge at a click.  The internet has  ushered in a whole era of knowledge to the masses.  Even I can sound smart about things I have never experienced.  If you are not feeling well,  search for the symptoms.  If the car is acting up,  search away.  […]

Knowledge is Power

Wikipedia is the best place to deposit knowledge and to retrieve it.  Firoz Patel can be a good example of how its done.  If you believe that knowledge is power then Wikipedia can be a good resource. If knowing everything is your goal then have at it.  I think that just knowing is not the way to success.  Knowing how to use that information is the way to get ahead.  The best way to get ahead […]

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